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May 11, 2018: Google Classroom Assignment

posted May 10, 2018, 2:28 PM by James Falletti
First things first -  Read these directions to sign on to Google Classroom
  • Log in to your Corpus Christi Account
  • Once you're logged in, click on the Google App Icon (nine dot square icon)
  • Open Google Drive
  • Click on the Google App Icon again, but this time select Google Classroom
  • Choose Student then...
  • ... type in the unique class code provided here --> 7fya2w
  • Please note that you can also do this by going directly to Google Classroom - but BE SURE to add your Corpus Christi School email address. first initial + last name
Once you have logged in to Google Classroom, read the Assignment Provided Below...Note that the same assignment is provided on Google Classroom.

Search the web/internet for balloon engine car and research how you should put the engine together and where/how you should mount it to your automobile (car) to make it move. Feel free to use articles, youtube, images, etc.. to find your answer. When you are done, type me a brief description of what you found and how you plan on completing your Balloon Engine Car Project by making your device move. OOOO LA LA! Be as descriptive as possible and feel free to embed (include) images, videos, and step-by-step instructions/directions.  2 - 3 paragraphs should be fine.

This will be due May 18, 2018 -- via Google Classroom. Do not Print Anything... ONLY submit.