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Shark Tank Project Update

posted Oct 19, 2018, 8:43 PM by Unknown user
Students will utilize the next three lab sessions to begin the preliminary stages of their projects. 

Below is the timeline for the upcoming weeks

10/22/18- Status Project Update due. (Students should begin the preliminary stage of their projects week 1 blueprinting)

10/29/18- Status Project Update #2 due. ( Students should begin to make purchases necessary to for their project and begin to bring them in on their lab days).

11/5/18- Status Project Update #3 due. ( Students should begin to assemble and identify what specific materials they will need to be successful with their projects).

Following this schedule we will return to our regular labs starting the beginning of the second trimester. Students are EXPECTED to test and evaluate their projects throughout this time. As this is a crucial part of the project. This is the time when students will identify if their project is working to their expectations and correct all of their errors through trials.

I would like students to keep one science journal per group so that they can track any questions or ideas they would like to bring to my attention. 

I am so proud of the effort and excitement the students have put into their projects so far. And I am looking forward to see our students shine!